Thalamos: User Research

Thalamos different devices mockups - User research project

The project

Thalamos is a bespoke software solution for psychiatrist to complete, store and share the most used Mental Health Act Assessment Forms. The client was Thalamos.

The aim of the project was to determine whether there was a need for a platform to be developed to help psychiatrists manage their private work and all that goes with it. My work encompassed identifying design opportunities and validate the client’s hypothesis.

My role

My role in this project was User Researcher, working alongside a Lead Designer and Project Manager.

- Plan, conduct and analyse user research
- Facilitate workshops
- Compile data and present results to wider team

The process


Semi-structured in-depth interviews were carried out with seven participants who were all psychiatrists. A set of questions were decided upon before the interviews took place and the participants were encouraged to speak freely about their personal experiences as practicing psychiatrists.

The interviews helped create an understanding of what a Psychiatrist’s work entail, the admin involved, any challenges they face, as well as their perspectives on what an improved experience might look like.


I planned and helped facilitate a workshop with a group of trainee psychiatrists. The aim of the workshop was to identify different user groups and the pain points that might arise in a common scenario that a psychiatrist might face. Additionally, the workshop set out to create discussions on how to solve the highlighted problems.

Activities in the workshop included:
- Role playing
- Persona creation
- Brainstorming


The results

The deliverables for my part of this project was a report presenting the findings from the research, as well as a list of suggested solutions and recommendations for further work to be completed.

(UI pictured was designed by my colleague).


Working on this project was fairly different to other projects I’ve worked on, as my role was to conduct user research only and then hand over my findings in a comprehensible format. As the assumptions were validated through research and new design opportunities were identified, I think it was a successful project.